Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error
— Cicero

Who am I ?

Hi !
I'm Nicolas, a 25 years old art director. 

Borned and raised in France, I'm actually living in Paris and working as a freelance art director while looking for a job that fits.
I'd like to say I'm some kind of professional amateur, which means I like to do my job because I love it.

I've actually graduated from ECV after my 5 years studying art direction and graphic design.
I had a large spectrum of  teachings in many fields during those years.

Besides my education, my passion for graphic design and my actual real job as a junior art director, I'm also an amateur beer crafter (yes that's true !).
Let me explain, I'm associated with a friend who share a common passion with me for craft beers from all around the world. From that we decided to create our own beers and share with those we love.

I guess that's all about me :) 

Be open-minded and learn everything you can from the greats and from each other / Less is usually more / You get what you pay for.

Art direction, graphic design, web design, logos, icons, dog petting, budget spending, beer crafting (it's actually true).

Some Online Favorites

Hysterical MindsMcBessViens-làSven PrimAvalanche PrintMaxime Quoilin aka remainsteadfastHouse Industries, FontFabricBehanceGraphic BurgerDecade Type Foundry.

Some Friends
Thomas LinAlexandre Tarquini, Timothée ChironJohanna GiuntaVincent Foultier, Emilie Ebert, Martin Respaut.



Paris, France.

Social Activity

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Disclaimer: As you read this, you do not really see the pixels, the screen, your hands, and the surroundings, but an internal and three-dimensional image that reproduces them almost exactly and that is constructed by your brain. The photons emitted by your screen strike the retina of your eyes, which transform them into electrochemical information; the optic nerves relay this information to the visual cortex at the back of the head, where a cascade-like network of nerve cells separates the input into categories (form, color, movement, depth, etc.).

How the brain goes about reuniting these sets of categorized information into a coherent image is still a mystery. This also means that the neurological basis of consciousness is unknown. (source)